Yatour Bluetooth module


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Yatour Bluetooth module for hands-free phone. It is an accessory for Audio Interfaces Yatour with Bluetooth Ready port.

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Yatour Bluetooth module

  The Yatour Bluetooth module is a hands-free system that is coupled to the interface via a special port YATOUR Bluetooth Ready. Its main function is to provide a complete, simple and effective Bluetooth handsfree system for your vehicle so you can send and receive calls and listen through ALL available speakers.

Yatour Bluetooth module YT-BTM package


Bluetooth port

Interface YATOUR USB Bluetooth ready.

Its operation is similar to the Parrot handsfree systems that exist in the current market, except with the only difference that works in conjunction with the Interface Yatour audio and car audio equipment, which can not receive or deliver calls if the radio is completely off.

Yatour Bluetoth module range

 The Bluetooth module Yatour starts synchronization process at the time that the radio (any mode FM, CDC, AUX, etc ...) and thanks to its automatic pairing is on, since the same instantly, your mobile device will be synchronized with the Bluetooth module. To listen and call, just press the corresponding button to turn the audio interface YATOUR (button CD/AUX/MODE ...) and instantly playback the songs will stop and you will hear the tone call for speakers.

Thanks to the function HFP (Hands Free Profile), synchronizes with most of Bluetooth mobile phones and market systems can handle multiple functions of the phone without removing it from the pocket (issue calls, voice calls, pick up and hang up , etc ...). Another feature is that it is equipped with A2DP Technology (Profile Advanced Audio Distribution) used to play music and audio through the built-in Bluetooth system.



Light weight, compact and simple.Module Cable Length: 2 meters.
Easy installation (Plug&Play).Microphone cable length: 2 meters.
LED status indicator.Turn on and  turn off automatically in conjunction with the radio.
Digital quality sound.Sync with mobile device from the vehicle's ignition is ON, or since the device is in the coverage area of the Bluetooth module.
Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 or lower.Maximum distance to the terminal use sicronizado: 8 meters.
System A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution). Synchronizes playback list terminal to stop in case of incoming or outgoing calls.Independent high sensitivity microphone.
Function HFP (Hands Free Profile).Automatic synchronization (only sync one terminal at a time).
Auto Pause with incoming or outgoing (except use of auxiliary 3.5mm Jack).Call Control via a button with LED.
Use the radio buttons to answer or end a call.Dialing phonebook contacts for voice.
Redial function.Automatic pairing mode (3 min. Duration).

Supports most mobile devices on the market, GPS devices with bluetooth, iPhone, iPod, etc...

However there may be some problems with some devices due to software versions, versions of operating systems, etc... and it is very difficult to detect given the nature of the problem.

Yatour Bluetooth module YT-BTM



Installation diagram of Yatour Bluetooth module YT-BTM


NOTA: The Remote control YT-REMO is not included in the package. To purchase this product you must click on the "ACCESSORIES" tab of this product page.

Yatour Remote control YT-REMO



  • Bluetooth module.
  • Microphone with 2 meters lenght.
  • Remote control YT-REMO (optional).
  • User manual (english)


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- The Yatour Bluetooth module supports 90% of mobile devices. However there is a risk of incompatibility depending on the device model and version of Bluetooth.

For any queries we have available the customer service department and online support available times.

Remote control unit for the Bluetooth module Yatour.

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