Interface Yatour iPod/iPhone for MINI Cooper with 3 pin and 6 pin plug


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Audio Multimedia Interface MP3 Yatour iPod/iPhone for MINI Cooper with 3 pin and 6 pin plug for CD Changer preinstallation in trunk. Plays music from iPod/iPhone devices. You can also play from any system with auxiliary audio output.


Incorporates a special port for connecting Bluetooth Module Bluetooth Yatour (not included).

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Interface Yatour iPod/iPhone for MINI Cooper with 3 pin and 6 pin plug
(Bluetooth ready)

  The audio interface YATOUR iPod/iPhone for MINI Cooper is a system that connects to the port of the original car radio that is meant for CD changer. Works identically to a CD changer. The control interface is from the radio buttons and/or using the steering wheel controls. It can play music from iPod/iPhone devices. It can charge the iPod/iPhone battery through its dock cable.

Interface Yatour iPod/iPhone

It also includes an auxiliary port 3.5mm Jack (audio input) to connect other devices like gps, pda, mobile, PC, DVD, iPhone, iPod, etc...

This Interface is designed Yatour resistant components and provided a quality chip decoder HI-FI high fidelity to provide maximum performance and powerful sound. Another of the most important features is that it is provided with a special port to connect the Bluetooth module Yatour (not included and sold separately), whose functions are hands-free phone and music playback via Bluetooth.

 The excellent sound quality audio interface and digital YATOUR is higher than a CD without loss of quality or interference. You will enjoy your favourite music from your iPod/iPhone with the maximum sound quality and highly integrated with your car audio system.

This Multimedia Interface you can upgrade all the original sound system of your vehicle without replacing it with another, and may retain all radio functions of your car (steering wheel controls, radio controls, display functions, etc. ...).

 In short, USB Interface Bluetooth ready YATOUR is a modern system that should be installed in your car, replacing the obsolete CD Changer. It is time to modernize and give practical touch to your car!, you can say goodbye to all your old cd's, saving space in the glove compartment of your car.

Yatour iPod/iPhone YTM05 box

YTM05 Bluetooth port

Interface YATOUR iPod/iPhone Bluetooth ready.


The Interface Yatour iPod/iPhone has two programmed controls mode:

- Hybrid mode: This mode is activated by pressing "CD 1". In this mode, the Interface Yatour plays all music stored in the iPod/iPhone devices as one CD.

- Playlist mode: This mode is activated by pressing "CD 2" and forward. In this mode Interface Yatour plays Playlists as Multi virtual CDs. It also works with iTunes APP Playlists.

CD2: Playlist 1
CD3: Playlist 2
CD4: Playlist 3
CD5: Playlist 4
CD6: Playlist 5
CDxx: Up to same numbers of maximum CD numbers the original radio supports

NOTE: For more information see the User manual. You can download the User manual (English) from the tab "Downloads" on this product page.


Rugged aluminum main structure.Reduced size.
Easy installation (Plug&Play).Data transmission by wire (is not by FM).
Plays music in any file format stored on iPod/iPhone devices.Anti-Shock system.
Digital sound quality.HI-FI decoder Chip.
Carga la batería de los dispositivos iPod/iPhone.Suport any audio system connected to Auxiliar input 3,5mm (mobiles, PDA, PSP, DVD, iPhone, iPod, etc...).
The control is done from the radio buttons or steering wheel controls. Handle iPod/iPhone directly from radio controls.
Compatible 100% with original the steering wheel controls.
LED operation indicator.
Last position memory sistem (Plays music from last position played).Plays music from any APP (iTunes, Spotify, etc...). Supports iTunes playlists as virtual CDs.
Works with iPod/iPhone/iPad.Reminding function when incoming call.
It keeps original features of radio car (Scan, repeat, random, etc...).Bluetooth port ready for Bluetooth Yatour module.
Supports ID3 text display, only with radios which support this feature.NOT compatible with original CD Changer installed.


Interface Yatour YTM05 installation diagram


NOTE: Bluetooth Module YT-BTM and YT-REMO remote control are not included in the package. To purchase these products need to click on the "ACCESSORIES" tab of this product page.


Compatible with the following models of iPod/iPhone:

- iPod touch 1st generation
- iPod touch 2nd generation
- iPod touch 3rd generation
- iPod touch 4th generation
- iPod nano 1st generation
- iPod nano 2nd generation
- iPod nano 3rd generation
- iPod nano 4th generation
- iPod nano 5th generation
- iPod nano 6th generation
- iPod Nano 7th generation (Requires original Lightning 30 pin adapter)
- iPod Touch 5th generation (Requires original Lightning 30 pin adapter)
- iPod Mini 1st generation
- iPod Mini 2nd generation
- iPod Video
- iPod Photo
- iPod Classic 4th generation
- iPod Classic 5th generation
- iPod Classic 6th generation
- iPhone 2G
- iPhone 3G
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 4G
- iPhone 4GS
- iPhone 5 (Requires original Lightning 30 pin adapter)
- iPad*
- iPad 2*

* Compatible with iPad and iPad 2 (No charges the battery of these devices unless the screen is in sleep mode but it is charging slowly).


- The Interface Yatour can only plug via AUX de 3.5mm port on iPod Shuffle devices.
- On some devices requires the ORIGINAL Lightning 30 pin adapter to use with the Interface Yatour:

Lightning 30 pin adapter

Lightning 30 pin adapter


  • Module dimension: 75.5 x 58 x 20.5mm
  • Module weight: 90g
  • Wire lenght: 95cm
  • iPod cable length: 120cm
  • Auxiliar Jack 3,5mm wire lenght: 50cm
  • Input voltage: 11~14.6V DC (recommended 12V DC)
  • Signal noise: 95Db
  • Standby consumption: 3mA
  • Operative consumption: 200mA
  • Maximum consumption: 600mA
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.01%
  • Frecuency response: 20Hz-20Khz
  • Working temperature: -10ºC - 80ºC


  • Interface module
  • Wires
  • Auxiliar 3,5mm wire
  • iPod cable
  • User manual

Package content


- If the MINI Cooper has DSP amplifier (Digital Sound Processor), you should buy the Yatour DSP Module in order to get work properly the Interface Yatour. You can add in the shopping cart going into "Accesories" tab in this page. To find out if your vehicle has MINI Cooper DSP technology, visit our FAQ

- For BMW with BM52/BM53/BM54 modules  in trunk and 3+6pin CD Changer connection, users have to directly connect red ACC wire of Yatour  to radio back or the antenna power output of BM5X module. You can download the MINI Cooper radio connection diagram

For inquiries we have available the Customer service department and online support in available times.

MINI Cooper compatible models

Valid for the following models of MINI Cooper with CD Changer Preinstallation in trunk with 3 pin and 6 pin connection.

MINI Cooper R5x.

MINI Cooper radio port with 3 pin and 6 pin Cd Changer preinstallation 




MINI Cooper R5x20012005


- NOT COMPATIBLE: With MINI Cooper Navigation Systems.
- COMPATIBLE: MINI Cooper with DSP amplifier (Digital Sound Processor).


- Radios with Reverse RDS System.
- Radios without I-Bus System.
- Radios with i-Drive System.
- MINI Cooper con OEM Sirius.


Noise filter for Yatour Interfaces (USB/iPod/iPhone) and Interface Bluetooth Adapter Yatour BTA with VGA connection. Eliminates interference noise from motor vehicle.

Radio removal tool for radios integrated into the dashboard of vehicles.

Radio removal tool for radios integrated into the dashboard of vehicles.

Auxiliar 3.5mm Male Jack Cable 1.25 meters length.

Remote control unit for the Bluetooth module Yatour.

Yatour Bluetooth module for hands-free phone. It is an accessory for Audio Interfaces Yatour with Bluetooth Ready port.

Converter 8 pin to 12 pin for Citroen/Peugeot radios RT3 with VAN-BUS technology. Used to connect the audio interface Yatour models YTM06-RD3, YTM05-RD3 and YTM07-RD3 to radio model RT3 with VAN-BUS technology (Software version 5.x or less).