Interface Bluetooth Adapter Yatour BTA for Ford with 12 pin Quadlock plug


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This device Yatour BTA Bluetooth plays music via Bluetooth using A2DP and handsfree phone (HFP). You can also play music from any device with 3.5mm auxiliary audio jack. It is controlled by the buttons on the radio and steering wheel controls. 100% integrated into the vehicle's audio system.

Programmed software specially designed for vehicle models and audio equipments of FORD.

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Interface Bluetooth Adapter Yatour BTA
Ford with 40 pin plug

  The Interface Adapter Bluetooth Yatour BTA for FORD is a system that connects to the port of the original car radio for the CD changer. Its main function is to add the Bluetooth hands-free and music playback features to the original audio equipment of the vehicle.



YT-BTA box

With this device Yatour BTA you can have  Bluetooth handsfree (HFP) Integrated 100% on your audio equipment, handling functions via buttons of the radio or steering wheel controls (Receiving calls, end call, etc...). Even 2 devices can be synchronized together. And last but not least, allows Voice Dialing Function. It also has many options and control possibilities in the handsfree phone.

Interface Bluetooth Adapter Yatour BTA

Another of its main functions is to play music from any device via Bluetooth, handling the songs from the radio controls and steering wheel controls using the System A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile).

* If you have synchronized 2 devices at the same time, you can use one of them to play music and the other as a handsfree phone. If you receive or make a call for the corresponding device, the Interface BTA will stop playing music, muting the device and will receive or make the call.

Includes a Jack 3.5mm AUX port (audio input) to connect other devices such as gps, pda, mobile, pc, dvd, iPhone, iPod, etc...It also has  a USB port specially designed to provide 5V/1A power and charge the battery of all devices such as mobiles, smartphones, etc ... using USB adapters to charge the batteries of each one.

This BTA Yatour device is designed with high quality components, durable and  provided with high fidelity HI-FI chip decoder to give maximum performance and powerful sound.

Excellent sound quality of Interface Bluetooth Adapter Yatour BTA is DIGITAL with no loss in quality or interference. Enjoy your stored music in your favorite  device with the best quality playback and integrated with 100% to the original audio equipment in your vehicle.

In short, Interface Bluetooth Adapter BTA Yatour converts the audio of your vehicle in the most modern system, using the latest Bluetooth technology and integrated fully with your vehicle, keeping all the original functions of your radio.


Built-in resistant plastic.Reduced size.
Easy installation (Plug & Play connection).Data transmission by cable (not FM frequencies).
Play music from any Bluetooth device via A2DP System.Designed to function as a hands-free phone.
Digital sound quality.HiFi decoder chip.
Charges battery devices using a USB port.Supports any devices connected to the Auxiliary Port 3.5mm (mobile, PDA, PSP, DVD, iPhone, iPod, etc...).
AVRCP System, the control is handled from the buttons of the radio or steering wheel controls. 100% Compatible with steering wheel controls.LED indicator.
Voice dialing function.Plays and control music from any mobile app supporting A2DP.
Sync 2 devices simultaneously.Alerted when there's an incoming call.
Allows call waiting.Display call incoming information on radio display, only on radios with ID3Tag feature.
Keeps the original radio functions (Scan, repeat, random, etc ...).MUTE function that mutes any playback mode when a phone call is received.
Display content is identical as CD Changer shows.Not compatible with CD Changer installed at same time. 


The connection of the module is VGA type:

VGA connection


Installation diagram of Interface Bluetooth Adapter Yatour BTA


NOTE: the Remote Control YT-REMOBTA is not included in the package. To purchase this product you must click on the "ACCESSORIES" tab of this same product page.


These accessories are optional and you can buy them by clicking "ACCESSORIES"  tab in this same product page.

Remote ControlWith this accessory you can handle incoming calls and music. Remote Control YT-REMOBTA is essential to use some of the functions of the Interface Bluetooth Adapter Yatour BTA.

Cable length: 2 meters.

Noise Filter Yatour YT-NFMThis accessory is designed to remove noise from electrical interference generated by the vehicle engine or a bad derivation of ground.

Key removal toolsKeys and tools to remove the original radios.



  • Module dimensions: 74 x 62 x 20mm
  • Module weight: 50g
  • Cable lenght: 95cm
  • Microphone cable lenght: 250cm
  • AUX cable length: 50cm
  • Voltage Input: 11~14.6V DC (recommended 12V DC)
  • Signal noise: 90Db
  • Standby consumption: 20mA
  • Operative consumption: 600mA
  • DAC resolution: 20 Bit
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%
  • Frecuency response: 20Hz-20Khz
  • Working temperature: -35ºC - 75ºC


  • Interface module
  • Cable harness
  • AUX cable Jack 3.5mm
  • Microphone with 2,5 meters of length
  • Manual de instrucciones


Box content


- Requires disconnect the vehicle battery before installation.
- Press the button "CD" twice to connect to the Yatour device and wait about 10 seconds until the radio unit recognizes the Interface Yatour.

- Si la Interface Yatour no ha sido reconocida por la radio, se deberá de seguir los siguientes pasos:

    1. Shutdown car engine.

    2. Turn off radio unit.

    3. Close all doors during 2-3 seconds until CAN-BUS System is turned off itself.

    4. Turn on the radio unit and switch with Interface Yatour mode.

For inquiries we have available the Customer service department and online support in available times.

Ford compatible models

Valid for ALL models of vehicles FORD with 40 pin and 12 pin Quadlock plug.

Ford 40 pin and 12 pin Quadlock port 




Ford Fiesta20062008
Ford Mondeo MK320032007
Ford Focus MK220042007
Ford Fusion20022004
Ford Galaxy20062007
Ford C-Max20032007
Ford S-Max20062007
Ford Transit20062010
Ford Tourneo20062008


- NOT COMPATIBLE: Ford with radios OEM Sony and OEM FoMoco.


Here are all compatible radio models:

5000 C

Ford radio 5000C

6000 CD

Ford radio 6000CD

6000 CD AUX

Ford radio 6000 CD AUX

6006 CDC

Ford radio 6006 CDC


Here are NOT COMPATIBLE radio models:

6000 CD

Ford radio 6000CD


Ford radio Sony

Ford radio Sony


Ford radio OEM FoMoco


Radio removal keys to disassemble/extract radios of Ford vehicles with radios MFD, MCD and 6000CD.

Radio removal keys to disassemble/extract radios of Ford vehicles with radios MFD, MCD and 6000CD.

Noise filter for Yatour Interfaces (USB/iPod/iPhone) and Interface Bluetooth Adapter Yatour BTA with VGA connection. Eliminates interference noise from motor vehicle.

Auxiliar 3.5mm Male Jack Cable 1.25 meters length.

Remote control unit for the Interface Bluetooth Adapter Yatour BTA.