Here we inform you of all the payment methods that we offer LIESTORES so your purchase is comfortable and satisfying.


This is the payment process slower, because since the transfer is made until it is paid in the bank, the operation usually take between 24 and 48 hours, until then we can not proceed to the shipment of your purchase. This type of operation is subject to fee charges that issuing banks can charge their customers for performing the operation.
If you choose this method of payment, be sure to include your order number in the remarks section of the transfer. To accelerate the verification of payment, you can send us a bank transfer justifying the

The customer has 3 working days to make payment after that time without having received news of the client would proceed to cancel the order.


This method is one of the most reliable and confident that we can offer. In a few simple steps you can make payment for your purchase quickly and safely. Is that at the time of payment, is redirected to the official website of Paypal for payment. At all times be protected by firewalls Paypal own company. Paypal also offers protection for both the buyer and the seller, to fight against fraud in procurement.

This payment method takes a commission of 3.4% of the purchase amount plus a flat fee of € 0.35.

CASH ON DELIVERY (only spain)

This method is preferred by many of you, because of the simplicity of the payment and consistent reliability having to pay at the time that the package reaches your home. We offer this payment system, shipping with an additional cost for fee reimbursement and cost of the service, in addition to the amount of the final shipment.

Fee: 8% of the total amount of purchase with 3€ as minimum fee and 60€ as maximum fee. Tax not included.

This payment method is not available if the total amount of the purchase exceed 1000 €.