To place an order or book store to LIESTORES you must be registered on the website. All product orders are accepted by LIESTORES agree to the following Terms and Conditions which form part of the Contract of Sale. The acceptance of the product implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. No agent, representative, or commercial LIESTORES has authority to vary these conditions unless authorized in writing by Joaquin Bosch (owner of www.liestores.com)

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A.1 - The prices on our website LIESTORES prices include VAT (unless the customer has agreed with your registered account and is outside the European Union)

A.2 - LIESTORES reserves the right to change the price of goods without notice according to market conditions. Generally the prices published in our catalog are of a fixed nature, there being no possibility of reduction for each individual client, except in exceptional cases at the discretion of the company.

A.3 - All invoices / purchase invoices are due on the date shown on them. Payment shall be made by the media of the client and in Euros, except purchases made outside the European Union where it is allowed to use other currencies listed anywhere.

A.4 - In the case of payment by bank deposit account or transfer the buyer must pay no later than 3 working days to make the deposit of the full amount of your purchase amount. After that time will not receive payment, proceed to cancel the order.

A.5 - If payment occurs by mode on delivery, the buyer has the responsibility to accept delivery of the package and pay the full amount at the time of delivery. If the buyer does not accept the receipt of the package, has to bear all the costs associated with transportation to the destination or else this requirement shall be by legal action. This method of delivery is an additional cost which will be indicated in the pre-order confirmation steps.

Fee: 8% of total amount of purchase with 3€ as minimum fee and 60€ as maximum fee. Tax not included.

A.6 - The method of payment by Paypal takes a commission of 3.4% of the total purchase amount plus a flat fee of € 0.35. This fee will be applied to the final price of purchase, indicating clearly before the customer to choose the payment method.

A.7 - LIESTORES has no obligation to notify customers of offers, discounts and developments as they arise. However, the customer has the option to request to be notified by subscribing to the newsletter and also asking to be informed of offers, news and promotions. These options can be added in the panel's account on the same client or customer registration process.


B.1 - LIESTORES use their best endeavors to meet agreed delivery dates, but these are no more than estimates, so will not affect the nature of this contract. LIESTORES a rule only will sell the items you have in stock, except under special circumstances, this means that the customer buys the items at that time are available in store. Delivery time depends solely on the shuttle assigned to ship the package. Not responsible for LIESTORES delay that may exist in the delivery process. Usually it takes 1 business day for order preparation before being delivered to the allocated transmission.

B.2 - If buy custom products or need a pre-assembly to be sent, the order preparation time can vary from 1-7 days, depending on each case.


C.1 - All products remain the property of LIESTORES until you look dissatisfied full payment of the amount thereof except in the method of payment on delivery.

C.2 - Once the product passes to the customer's possession, this will be fully responsible for its use and management, being in full control.


   LIESTORES will do everything in their power to ensure that the product delivered exactly corresponds in all respects to the one offered in our catalog and images displayed on each product page. However minor variations may occur in the specifications, package contents, colors or designs that are triggered by the continuous changes that manufacturers submit their products. These are changes that will not enable the buyer to terminate the contract.


E.1 - No claims will be accepted, nor will there be accountability from LIESTORES of damage during shipping unless the buyer notifies via email or phone to LIESTORES within 24 hours of the date of receipt products. In no case claim for damage or loss during shipment will be admitted in the mode of shipment by POST.

E.2 - No claims for products that differ in quantity or specifications provided to the buyer unless the buyer notifies via E-mail or phone before the 24 hours following the time of receipt thereof will be accepted.

E.3 - For manufacturers that provide direct support and warranty, the purchaser accepts an obligation to address them in the event of any claim.

E.4 - No product returns will be accepted by malfunction after 10 calendar days after the notice of default by the customer.


F.1 - Shipping costs will vary depending on the weight and volume of products purchased. You will know the exact amount of the shipping charges for your order directly from our website before confirming your order.

F.2 - For shipments of orders placed on delivery, the carrier charges a collection fee that varies depending on order value. This fee is reflected by our program and displayed to the user before the order confirmation. The customer is obliged to collect the item by COD modality, because in this mode of shipping, LIESTORES must prepay transportation costs by USPS waiting to receive the order in the amount paid by the client. if the customer does not pick up the package, post NO shipping returns the amount paid in advance for LIESTORES. If the client does not want to pick up the package should contact LIESTORES to pay her shipping costs, otherwise we reserve the right to prosecute the claim for that amount.

F.3 - Orders will be delivered by express courier or post office, which guarantee delivery within (from collection at the offices of LIESTORES) not more than 24/48 hours for shipments to the mainland (except Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) if sent by mail, and 1-7 days depending on the method chosen to post. These terms are understood in hours and workdays. As they may vary from 1-6 days depending on natural holidays affecting. Anyway orders usually arrive in most cases within the next two business days to shipping.

F.4 - Usually 1 business day is used for preparation of the order, however in most cases orders are shipped same day of purchase. This also depends on the time of placing the order and your chosen method of shipping.

F.5 - Shipments through POST mode are NOT insured against loss or damage.

F.6 - INTERNATIONAL: We ship to International Worldwide. In this case the modes of shipping will be adjusted depending on the country of destination and delivery times will be increased considerably.


G.1 - The delivery time may vary depending on product availability and the country of destination.

G.2 - For multiple product orders will proceed to make a single shipment when all material, except in the case of the client expressly indicate to us otherwise available.

G.3 - For products that are not in stock will be provided to the buyer via email or phone call, the approximate delivery time to the manufacturer or supplier has informed us, and be kept informed of any changes that you can emerge from this period.

G.4 - LIESTORES not responsible for possible delays in packet delivery by the carrier. These are external factors that are independent of the company and are the responsibility of others.

G.5 - LIESTORES not responsible for incorrect delivery addresses indicating customer upon confirmation of orders. The customer is responsible for correctly indicate the delivery address and your personal data.


H.1 - Our main guarantee is total customer satisfaction with our products so yes, once received, it does not meet your expectations or has simply been a mistake, you have 14 working days from the date of purchase for a refund. In these cases, LIESTORES refund your purchase excluding shipping costs borne by the customer. In order to make the return will be required that both the product and its packaging are in perfect condition and has not been used. LIESTORES reserves the right to not accept any returns that do not meet this condition. LIESTORES not accept the return of products that have been tampered with or used before.

H.2 - As a general rule the return of products that have been previously used or tampered with will not be accepted. In some cases it may accept the return of used goods previously handled and whose amount will be refunded 50% of the total purchase cost except shipping costs. This is as part of compensation to the company because of the returned product can not be resold as new.

H.3 - In the event that there has been a computable LIESTORES error, the customer is entitled to request that you resend the product without extra cost on your part or you reset the total amount of purchase including the expenses shipping a once the product has been returned to the premises of the company and the incidence has been found.

H.4 - If the shipment is damaged during shipping, the customer must report the situation to LIESTORES within 24 of receipt natural hours. In this case, start the procedure LIESTORES claim to the carrier to replace the damaged customer at no additional charge merchandise. Except for shipments through POST mode, whose shipments are uninsured.

H.5 - If you wish to return a product purchased in LIESTORES shall give prior notification (see return policy):

H.6 - After assessing your request for refund will be sent by e-mail the instructions needed to make the return. Upon receipt and inspection of the product as the case will proceed to make the payment, return the product or issue a voucher to the value corresponding purchase excluding shipping charges.

H.7 - Manufacturing defects or malfunction of the product are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. However, LIESTORES facilitate and accelerate as much as possible the processing of such warranty and where possible, proceed to replace them without waiting for the response from the manufacturer or supplier.

H.8 - Shipping costs resulting from the process of return, borne by the client, except in cases of refund warranty.

H.9 - This guarantee in no case be less than two years in most of our products. Within this period the client may rely, if desired in the direct manufacturer's warranty.

H.10 - After more than 14 business days from the date of purchase, you can not exercise any right of return and conditions apply only to the period of official use Product Warranty
H.11 - IMPORTANT: All products have got identification labels in the original packaging and the product body. These labels show data about the product and warranty management. In case of damage or loss of identification labels, the product will be out of warranty coverage and do not accept your return in any circumstance.

H.12 -  Before returning the product, he must send vídeo showing the failure or malfunction, so we will ensure the actual existence of the problem before taking the return procedure.

H.13 - If the circumstances described in this section, we accept no return, be sent back the product to the customer by courier by Cash on delivery, this amount would be the shipping cost more fees applicable for payment on delivery. If the customer requests, he can pay the shipping costs by bank transfer or Paypal (applying the corresponding commission of 3.4% + € 035 by paying by Paypal).


Pursuant to the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, and Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, LIESTORES reports of:

I.1- The data provided by this web forms will be temporarily incorporated into a database created exclusively to adequately address the questions and requests for information that are reflected in these forms. None of these data will be used for purpose other than indicated or be sold, assigned or transferred in any way. In any form used to collect data, it is only those minimum data must be filled to the proper functioning of the service concerned. If any of the mandatory fields are not filled, the corresponding registration system will not accept the rest of the form data will not store them in any way.

I.2 - Files containing personal data have been properly reported and registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

I.3 - LIESTORES for safety reasons NO stores information about the credit cards of their "customers", which is why every time you make a transaction you must enter the details of your credit or debit card again. Our payment gateway meets the safety standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the highest level of security available on the web today. LIESTORES at no time will see its number Credit / Debit Card and all transactions will be carried out safely with our organization contracted payment PAYPAL GATEWAY INTEGRAL.

I.4 - The personal data stored on our servers are protected by firewalls and a powerful server 256bit SSL security so that unauthorized access is not possible. However, you should know that, despite all efforts to protect your data, no system is 100% impregnable and can be susceptible to attacks by third parties.

I.5 - In some cases the system may employ cookies when users provide employment services. Cookies do not identify users, but identifying a computer via the browser accessing various services.

I.6 - Users may at any time exercise the rights conferred on them by law relating to access, rectification and deletion of data. These rights may be exercised by clicking the option "Delete Customer Account" in the personal menu LIESTORES or contact via phone, email, or existing contact form on this website.

I.7 - If you have any environment-related data privacy questions, you can send your query via email info@liestores.com

The customer must register at the site correctly stating all your personal data. Identity theft and false registration information constitutes an offense under the Criminal Code. In such cases we reserve the right to take legal action against these facts.