How To check the version of the Software radios RT3 Citroen/Peugeot?

In order to know which version of software takes the RT3 radios CITROEN/PEUGEOT must perform the following operation:

Radio RT3 Citroen/Peugeot

Software radio RT3 Citroen/Peugeot

1. Turn on radio.
2. Press and hold down "MENU" button until extended menu in shown.
4. The software version will show in the display.

Depending on the software version, your radio may have VAN-BUS or CAN-BUS technology:

- VAN-BUS: The radio has got RDS button. VAN-BUS is old technology and corresponds to 5.x software or lower.
- CAN-BUS: The radio has got LIST button. CAN-BUS is the newest technology and correspond to 6.x software or higher.

VAN-BUS = RDS = Software version 5.x or lower
CAN-BUS = LIST = Software version 6.x or higher

How to activate the CD changer function in the Peugeot/Citroen?

CD Changer Citroen/Peugeot

In the Peugeot and Citroen vehicles whenever you want to install a CD changer or an audio interface, you must first enable the port for the CD changer radio in BSI. This has to be done from the control of the vehicle by a cable diagnostic (DIAG2000, PP2000 or LEXIA 3).

For the radio correctly recognize the CD changer or the audio interface, activate fully the CD changer port and CD changer display function , otherwise there may be malfunctioning devices.

IMPORTANT: This operation activation by cable diagnosis, the need for a workshop or authorized official. In many workshops ignorance rarely activate the presentation of information in the radio display. If not activated, the radio display will not show any information when playing music through the interface or CD changer YATOUR.


diagnosis wire Lexia 3

How to remove my car audio?

To learn how to remove properly the radio in your car, you can access the website:


Remove radio car

How to find out if a vehicle BMW/MINI Cooper has DSP (Digital Sound Processor) or not?

DSP Amplifier (Digital Sound Processor)

Some vehicles BMW and MINI Cooper are equipped with amplifier technology DSP (Digital Sound Processor), which means Technology Digital Sound Processor. If you know this information and want to find out if your vehicle has DSP technology, must follow the following methods:


You have to check if your vehicle is fitted with the DSP amplifier and connections 3 pin and 6 pin. The location of the connectors and DSP amplifier shown in the image:

DSP location in BMW

WITH DSP: If your vehicle is equipped with DSP It would have a DSP amplifier and a coaxial wire cable and a 3 pin connector.

WITHOUT DSP: If your vehicle has no DSP, just will find a 3 pin and 6 pin connectors. also It just has the DSP amplifier installed.


This method can only be used if your vehicle BMW/MINI Cooper has Radio display navigation. You must press the button "MENU" and see the options shown on the screen. If your vehicle has DSP technology, you can see on the display the DSP option.

BMW radio with DSP Technology

This method can only be used if your vehicle is equipped with pre-installed CD changer or CD changer is just installed. If the vehicle has DSP technology, you can see that in the pre-installation of cables CD changer is a coaxial metal cable. If your vehicle has CD changer installed, you can see if the coaxial wire connected to CD changer.

CD Changer BMW with coaxial wire of DSP

It Takes the coaxial cable connected to the CD changer.

- WITHOUT DSP: It doesn't take the coaxial cable connected to a CD changer.

How to Find Out Firmware version of OEM radio Mazda RX8?

Radio Mazda RX8

To figure out the version of Firmware Mazda OEM radio, you must follow these steps:

1º Set the mode of your FM radio.

2º Press the "TEXT" button and the number "1" at the same time and hold it.

3º If the procedure is successful you will see on the display the firmware version of your radio, otherwise will show "CLEAR". In that case you have to re-do the procedure again.

Radio Renault Update List pinout


1. You should plug the Cable AUX for Renault behind to the radio on C2 connector.

2. Press the "Expert" button and hold down until the radio display the menu settings. Select AUX:OFF and change to AUX:ON with the "+" and "-" buttons.

Radio Renault AUX mode

Renault radio Update List

In some interfaces Yatour, you should install two wires to +12 V and +12 V Battery ACC, How do I identify where should I install?

Some interfaces as supplied to Nissan, the connector to the radio CDC port (Port for CD changer), has two wires, red and yellow one, to be installed in the corresponding ACC +12 V and + permanent battery 12V respectively. View Images:

Interface Yatour connector

Yellow wire: Must be installed in a power +12 V permanent vehicle battery. To identify which cables are suitable vehicle, should analyze using a voltmeter, and the cable is suitable with the ignition key removed, +12 V supplied direct from the battery at all times.
Red wire: Must be installed in a power +12 V ACC. To identify which cables are suitable vehicle, should analyze using a voltmeter, and cable is ideal providing +12 V only when the ignition key is in position (position where the dashboard controls are lit or when the car is with the engine running).

Why not recognize me interface folders that I have installed on USB/SD devices?

The most common problem is that you have correctly installed renamed or folders to insert songs. Generally this problem is solved again formatted USB storage device / SD and inserting new folders correctly renombrándolas form given below:

Interface Yatour functions

You must create folders and rename as CD01, CD02, CD03, CD04, ... folders up to equal the number of CDs that bear the car radio if I had a CD changer.

Does Yatour MP3 Multimedia Interface is capable of displaying song information on the radio display?

Technology of display song information on the radio display is called ID3 Tag Display. The Multimedia Interface MP3 Yatour is only capable of displaying song information on models of BMW, Mazda, Toyota, Lexus and JVC radios.
  It shall be assured if your radio supports this technology, otherwise the text of the songs would not show on the radio display.

ID3 Tag Display Technology

The interface turns on (LED lit) but no sound.

This problem may be due to the following causes:

- Not recorded properly or renamed folders.- The external device may take a firmware that is not compatible with the interface.
- The external device can carry viruses that cause the malfunction of the interface.
- Have inserted an external device whose memory capacity is greater than that recognizes the interface.
- The external device may be defective.
- Incorrectly drawn from the USB / SD to your computer after recording the songs.
- The songs that are recorded are in an invalid format for the interface.
- The interface has been blocked and needs to be reset by disconnecting the power supply.
- The vehicle and the radio interface is installed where it may not be compatible or radio take some system or firmware that causes malfunction.

In what order Yatour interface plays songs?

Generally the audio interface is designed to play songs in order of creation within the USB device / SD. However there is a way to eliminate this defect and play songs in alphabetical order deleting the creation dates of the same.
Therefore we offer a program that eliminates the creation dates of the system and the interface modified to play songs in alphabetical order.


To download the program click HERE

INSTRUCTIONS: Run the program and drag the icon of the USB / SD or folders to the program window. The program system will sort the songs alphabetically and folders by changing the dates of creation.

Does my car need to have activated the function of the CD changer port radio interface to install an audio or a CD?

Generally vehicles have enabled the radio port to connect a CD or USB interface. However, some car brands like Peugeot and Citroen have disabled this port needs to be enabled before installing a CD or audio interface.

To enable the vehicle must carry the official house by a cable that connected to the exchange you can enable the port.

This operation is simple and even can do the same vehicle owners buying in online stores cable and software to connect to the control unit of the vehicle and thus modify the parameters necessary to enable the CD changer port.

When in doubt contact your local dealer and ask if your vehicle requires that you perform this operation.

How many folders recognizes up YATOUR Interface USB external devices USB/SD?



Audi/Seat/Skoda/VwTo 6 Folders
ToyotaTo 15 Folders
HondaTo 15 Folders
MazdaTo 15 Folders
NissanTo 9 Folders
SuzukiFrom 9 to 15 Folders
Hyundai 8 pinTo 8 Folders
Hyundai 13 pinTo 9 Folders
PeugeotTo 6 Folders
CitröenFrom 6 to 9 Folders
RenaultFrom 6 to 9 Folders
Fiat/Alfa RomeoFrom 10 to 15 Folders
SonyFrom 6 to 10 Folders
PioneerTo 15 Folders
Alpine (M-Bus)To 9 Folders
PanasonicFrom 9 to 15 Folders
ClarionTo 9 Folders
SanyoTo 9 Folders
BlaupunktTo 9 Folders

*** Within each folder you can record up to 99 mp3/wma files.

Why when I connect the Interface YATOUR appears on the radio screen and CD05 TRCKxx stuck without playing music?

The reason for this problem is that the device has been inserted (USB or SD) not being recognized correctly by the Interface. This is because some brands of external storage devices have a firmware that is not compatible with the software interface. The Interface YATOUR is NOT compatible with the vast majority of Kingston branded devices and may have such problems when trying to play through these.

Examples of brand USB Kingston are NOT compatible:

Not compatible Kingstone USB devices


IMPORTANT: You must reset the radio software before proceeding with the other steps. For them you have to disconnect the vehicle's battery for 2 minutes and then on again. Because of this procedure may have to enter a security code on the radio to make use of it (only occurs on some models of radios), said it must have code along with documentation of the vehicle, or it can apply any authorized agent of the brand of your car.

- Use different external storage devices and memories of other brands.
- Format devices in FAT32 or FAT16.
- Use only the external device (SD Card or USB) to use with the interface (not mixed within the external memory root files other than music).
- Use only music files in MP3 or WMA format.
- The manufacturer recommends using external memory up to 8GB (2Gb being the most recommended).
- The manufacturer recommends that files of the songs are recorded from Windows operating systems, not being recommended it from MAC operating systems.
- Do not record files of MP3 or WMA music than 50Mb, otherwise it will cause failure in reading the interface.

How to create playlists in iTunes for iPhone and iPod devices for playback through the iPod Interface Yatour YT-M05?

To find out how you should create the playlists on iPhone and iPod devices to play songs through the iPod Yatour Interface, click on the following link:

Create playlist in iPod/iPhone

How to fix the problem of electrical interference noise on Radio Blaupunkt RD4 Citroen/Peugeot?

In some model Blaupunkt RD4 radios CITROEN/PEUGEOT may be noise and/or interference of electrical origin. This is due to a problem in the Ground wires of this radio with Yatour Interface. To solve this problem, you must perform a modification to the 12 pin connector Fakra of the Interface.

You can download the manual explaining to fix this problem by clicking on the button below:

Donwload Manual

My BMW does not recognize the Interface Yatour. What is the fix?

Exceptionally, some BMW radios with BMW 17 pin, BMW 40 pin flat and BMW CDC plug a fault occurs a problem of recognition of the Interface YATOUR whenever off and on the vehicle engine. This is due to a defect in the software interface to the radio.

Example: When the vehicle for refueling and re-start the engine, the radio does not recognize the YATOUR Interface.

To fix this you must RESET the radio every time you see this problem. To facilitate this operation, you must install a reset switch or button corresponding to the yellow 12V battery as shown in the image:

12V battery BMW 17 pin cable
12V battery BMW 40 pin cable 

To get easier you can install the RESET switch on the front of the radio or anywhere in the dashboard of the car.

Reset button radio BMW





Sometimes, when you have finished installing the Interface YATOUR, The radio could not  recognize the Interface. This is due to various causes. In most cases this is solved in the following way:

After installation of the Interface YATOUR should start the engine and check the radio recognizes the Interface.

If the problem is not solved, you must perform the vehicle in full reset by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes.

Some radios model RCD310/RCD500/RCD510 and RNS300/RNS310/RNS510 from 2011 are not compatible with Interface Yatour.

It has been detected that some radios models RCD310, RCD500, RCD510, RNS300, RNS510 RNS310 from 2011 have disabled the CD changer port. Therefore it would not be possible to install any Multimedia Audio Interface.


To see if the port is disabled, you must remove the car radio and find the identifying label on the chassis of the radio and where you can see the pinout diagram of the radio connections.

12 pin Quadlock Pinout diagram

Radio pinout diagram with CD Changer port disabled.

12 pin Quadlock Pinout diagram
Radio pinout diagram with CD Changer port enabled.

How and where I can connect the red wire to +12V ACC of Interface Yatour YTM06_BMW4S and YTM05_BMW4S?

It is recommended that the red wire +12V ACC of Yatour Interface is connected to the power +12V ACC BMW vehicle. In case it is difficult to find out the right wire, there is an option to connect the red wire +12V ACC to black wire +12V battery of Interface Yatour.

If you connect two cables together, the interface would be fed by continuous current 12V direct from battery.

+12V ACC Yatour BMW4

+12V ACC Yatour BMW4

+12V ACC Yatour BMW4

Special modification for BMW with radio and Navigation module in trunk models BM52/BM53/BM54 with 40 pin plug.

You can install the Interface Yatour YTM06_BMW2V and YTM05_BMW2V in BMW Navigation Systems modules in the trunk models BM52/BM53/BM54.
In order to get work in Audio System and navigation equipment vehicle you will need to perform the following modification:

1st Realease the original plug BMW with 40 pin.

2nd Release the White plug 12 pin from 40 pin plug of the Interface Yatour and the same 12 pin plug for the 40 pin connector on the radio.

40 pin connector Interface Yatour BMW
12 pin plug Interface Yatour BMW

Connect the 40 pin Interface plug to the Navigation radio module.

4rd Connect the 12 pin plug from radio Navigator to the 40 pin plug on the Interface. Then hook up the three wires corresponding to the No.2 pin No.8 and No.9  from 12 pin Interface plug to the corresponding 12 pin original BMW radio plug.

Esquema BMW conector 40 pin
Conector 12 pin Interface Yatour BMW

In this way we can run the Interface Yatour on the radio modules Navigator in the trunk of BMW vehicles.

Special modifications for Mazda models radios from November 2003 to September 2005

For the Interface Yatour USB YT-M06 and Interface Yatour iPod YT-M05 is recognized by the radio of the Mazda models from November 2003 to September 2005, should be to make a simple modification in the circuit board of the radio unit.

To download the tutorial modification, click on the following link:

The Interface Yatour needs extra supply of  +12V ACC to run properly on some motorcycles BMW K1200LT/R1200LT/R1200RT

In Some motorcycles BMW K1200LT, R1200LT and R1200RT an extra supply of + 12V ACC is required for the Interface Yatour works properly. This is because in harness radio connections of these motorcycles, the power corresponding to +12V ACC not provides stable 12V voltage.


You must hook up the  Interface wirecorresponding to pin No.5 with any wire with +12V ACC from motorcycle (eg cable +12V positive for lighting).

Conexión radio BMW K1200LT/R1200LT/R1200RT

Can I change the Interface cable Yatour to install for other vehicles?

The Interface Yatour carries a specific software for each vehicle model, because each Audio System of cars have a different protocol and specific technology. Therefore in most cases not be possible to operate the Interface Yatour in other vehicles if only change its connector.

In these cases should be to acquire Multimedia Interface Yatour for each specific car model.

Does Yatour Interface iPod/iPhone and Interface Yatour iPod/iPhone/USB are compatible with the iPhone 5/5s device?

The Interface Yatour iPod/iPhone model YTM05 and Interface Yatour iPod/iPhone/USB model YTM07 are fully compatible with the iPhone 5/5s devices. However in order to connect the interface to these devices must use the Lightning 30 pin adapter.

Lightning 30 pin adapter

It is important that the Adapter has to be the ORIGINAL Apple, otherwise it cannot ensure proper operation.

Interface Yatour iPod/iPhone with Lightning 30 pin adapter