As a general rule, we offer all our customers 2 YEARS WARRANTY for all our products.

Warranty Coverage

- Damage caused by transport package (Excluding Postal service delivery).
- Any damage or malfunction of the product due to a defect in manufacturing.
- Any malfunction of the product having been used properly by the customer.

Warranty Exclusions

- Incorrect operation of the product due to improper handling or use.
- Malfunction or failure of the product or any of its components due to mishandling of it.
- Exposure to external harsh environments (extreme temperatures, water, corrosives, etc ...)
- Any other circumstances not described above and which has the direct responsibility of the user of the product or other external action.

What is the warranty period?

During the warranty period, if a malfunction of the product or damage by causes not attributable to the consumer, you will provide technical support for verification and troubleshooting. If verified the malfunction or deterioration, we will proceed as follows:

The customer will report the incident to the Technical Support team.
2nd We will send a courier to pick up the product for further testing by our technical team.
3rd Once verified the fault, we will proceed to repair the product. If repair is not possible we will provide the customer with a completely new and identical product. If the product was discontinued, you will be presented with a new product similar to the previous.

* LIESTORES assumes the cost of returning and shipping within period of product warranty, as long as the failure or malfunction does not cause attributable to the customer.

Before returning the product, he must send vídeo showing the failure or malfunction, so we will ensure the actual existence of the problem before taking the return procedure.

 Depending on the type of product, the warranty can be managed by LIESTORES or the manufacturer. In the latter case, there may be an increased delay in the refund of the product or service.

 If the product is defective, the customer may request a refund of the full purchase price within 14 calendar days of receiving the product.

 LIESTORES not responsible for any damage that may occur from improper installation of the products we sell.

LIESTORES recommends that the installation of our products make it qualified or authorized installers.

NO returns will be accepted for any malfunction of the product within 10 days of notification of the fact.

IMPORTANT: All products have got identification labels in the original packaging and the product body. These labels show data about the product and warranty management. In case of damage or loss of identification labels, the product will be out of warranty coverage and do not accept your return in any circumstance.