Adapter cable AUX for VOLKSWAGEN with MDI Technology (Ref.4F0051510F)


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Adapter cable to connect any device with Auxiliary Input Jack 3.5mm to VOLKSWAGEN vehicles with MDI (Multimedia Device Interface) technology.

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Adapter cable AUX for VOLKSWAGEN with MDI Technology (Ref.4F0051510F)

 Technology MDI (Media-In) combines an efficient and elegant management of the components of information and entertainment on one screen and using an embedded operating system. The MDI is the control point for all infotainment components. By phone, mobile, radio, navigation system or TV, the MDI provides easy access to these devices and their functions. For management, is provided with a single button that can be pressed and turn to navigate between the different system options, which makes it simple to use.

MDI Technology (Multimedia Device Interface)


MDI Port

Port with MDI Technology.

The Adapter cable AUX for VOLKSWAGEN with MDI technology connects to MDI port usually located in the glove compartment of vehicles fitted with audio technology MDMI (Multimedia Device Interface) bus. This cable is designed to connect to any devices with Auxiliary Jack 3.5mm port. The adapter only transmits the audio signal, so It cannot be handle from MMI controls and It doesn't show any information in the MMI display.

The connections requires no installation. Plug&Play!

With this cable you can make the most of your  music player devices!


HI-FI quality sound.It works as Audio Input. The songs handle from devices.
Easy installation (Plug&Play).You can plug any devices with Auxiliary Input port.


- It is only compatible with the following radios models: RCD310, RCD510 (Not 1K0035195AA/AB) and RNS 510 (Not 1T0035680).

- It replaces the original Volkswagen accessory with reference 4F0051510K. 


 - Adapter cable AUX with 27 cm lenght.