FRONT Brake sensor for Porsche Cayenne (Ref. 7L0907637)


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FRONT Brake sensor with reference 7L0907637. It is designed for Porsche Cayenne car models. Wearing Warning acting as the brake pads, indicating warning light on the instrument panel.

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FRONT Brake sensor for Porsche Cayenne
(Ref. 7L0907637)

Brake sensors are devices that are installed on the brake calipers, where the brake pads are placed. The operation of these sensors is fairly straightforward, lead metal legs that make contact with the brake disc when the brake pad has reached a certain level of wear. To make contact with the brake disc, close the circuit and send a signal to the instrument panel to issue a warning light warning of wear on brake pads.

Sensores de freno

These sensors wear out with use, due to the friction to which they are subject, so it is convenient to replace them every so often in order to prevent failures in the warnings issued pad wear or malfunction.

The FRONT brake sensor with reference 7L0907637 is designed for installation in vehicles Porsche Cayenne. It is made of high quality materials enabling long life use.


Valid for the following vehicle models PORSCHE CAYENNE:



- The list of compatible models is simply a guide to guide the buyer, may exists more compatible models. Make sure the vehicle carries the original sensor with reference 7L0907637. Before any doubt consult with official vehicle dealer.


- 1 FRONT Brake sensor.

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Wear indicator2
Original reference7L0907637
Car brandPorsche