Internet has become an indispensable tool in almost all households of all people who live on this planet. The rapid evolution of internet technologies has made copper increasingly important.

Currently we can make the most of things in our daily lives only through internet (buy food, contract services, purchase products, travel, meet people ...).


Due to the crisis, entrepreneurs are more opted to develop our business solely and exclusively through the Internet, and you do not need large investments to establish this type of business (saved in spending premises, materials, building permits and changes, etc ...), and the range of operation is international, so anyone from any country can access the website and become potential client company.
And given the existence of a multitude of online shops and variety of competitive prices that are at your fingertips, you'll wonder why choose LIESTORES as your online store and not the other.

Read on and find out why they decided for us

The best Choice

As well we have stated before, there are many online stores and sales platforms where you can find the desired product at very affordable prices (Ebay, Amazon, etc ...). However decided based at the lowest price can lead to a serious mistake in buying, so special attention should be paid to another series of fairly important aspects that are crucial to make a good buy at the best place, getting therefore, the greatest satisfaction.

We love cheap

Beware the price and Dropshipping!

Everyone knows that cheap is expensive sometimes. Some online stores sell their products making deliveries from outside Spain, so many times, to get the package to Spain, has to go through customs, resulting in tax expense customs, duties, fees dispatchers, etc. . you have to take mandatory buyer. Many people take this pleasant surprise after thinking they had found the "Bargain" Internet and were the lucky ones.

Other stores carry out the technique Dropshipping. This technique involves making deliveries directly from the supplier to the customer, so the company that owns the online store is simply an intermediary that provides sales portal (Web) and performs management with the wholesaler to send you directly the packet to the client.

Often these ships from outside Spain and companies adopting this kind of business does not generally provide quality after-sales support. The logic leads us to think that if this company does not have the physical product, how can advise and properly manage what sells?

Are they a company that sells you a product or an individual who is not registered in economic activity?

One of the most important aspects when deciding on the place to make purchases online is to ask whether the seller is a company or an individual.

On Ebay, we can find a wide variety of products at very competitive prices, even the cheapest Internet. But within that sales platform there are a lot of individuals who lack permission to pursue an economic activity and therefore never issue a legal bill of sale.

In addition to the sales conditions, warranties or returns, in many cases do not meet the minimum that marks the legislation in force regarding Online Commerce.

"I bought on Ebay a very cheap product does not work me and the seller does not give signs of life."

Therefore you do not trust fully on these platforms to sell and think about it much before buying a very cheap product you see it, because the end can get away expensive.

The conditions of sale, warranties, returns...

Warranty and Conditions of saleWe insist that you have to read and pay attention to these sections. Many companies and websites dedicated to Online Commerce, lack of sections in which specify the conditions of sale, disclaimers, use of Cookies, Guarantees, etc ...

In other even content of these sections does not meet the minimum established by the legislation on Online Trade and consumer rights. As often give no guarantees in sales operations and build confidence to customers.

A company that conveys reliability and quality service, always show your legal conditions of sale, warranties, etc .. available to the customer before making a purchase, and will be governed strictly to the legislation, ensuring that the rights are met consumer.

After sales Service, Technical and Customer Support

Customer SupportIn most of the time, here is the reason the price of a product. Many forget that the price of the product is included after-sale services, time and materials used by companies to Technical Support, etc ...

But here is the key to discovering whether a product is cheap or not, or whether we should trust a company or another.

We think that good service is worth money, and businesses do not work for free, so if they sell very cheap, we have to doubt the quality of the services we are offering.

Safe Buy (SSL Certificates)

Safe BuyBecause of the many scams that exist on the Internet and stealing private data from customers and bank accounts, any online merchant who deals with committed customer information must to have a SSL Security Certificate, whose function is to encrypt data websites for anything or anyone can get them fraudulently.

To know whether or not the shop has a SSL security certificate, you should see if the Store URL starts with https://, that means you have SSL Security Certificate. SSL Security Certificate usually operate only where pages must be inserted and engaged private information (page to pay for a purchase, customer registration forms, etc...).

However, many online shops lack this Certificate to save costs, so that any data that you insert in this website is not protected.

Do not trust websites that do not have installed an SSL Certificate!

What we offer in Liestores?

We are a Spanish company, composed of professionals with Spanish nationality, we carry out an economic activity completely legal with all permits in place and complying with current legislation millimeter in Electronic Commerce.

Products and prices

We offer a wide range of quality products with competitive prices. Periodically we get products on offer with attractive discounts. Constantly update prices for our products to be always in the market today.

Methods of payment

We are available to all our customers several payment methods 100% safe so you can shop with confidence and total comfort.

Method of shipping

We have a wide range of shipping options according to the product and acquired the delivery address.

The packaging of our products is a top priority and invest money and resistant materials suitable packaging.

All shipments are made as quickly and safely.

Conditions of sale

We provide the customer with our Conditions of sale, completely clear and no small print. Our clauses are totally balanced for both the customer and the company. We comply with current legislation and aim to make the customer feel completely protected.

Warranties and returns

We comply with the legislation on warranties, offering to our customers their 2 year warranty. We manage to guarantee at no cost to the customer. We do not charge any costs on returns process by warranty.

Technical Support

We have an efficient Technical Support Department with specialized professionals in each product. We provide a fast and personalized service.

Using a Support Ticket System 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), we will resolve all issues and technical issues that arise.

We are always available to the client and we take the time it takes to give our Customer Service fully professional way.

100% Safe Buy with SSL Certificate, Data Privacy and VPS servers with IP dedicated.

In Liestores we invest in the safety of our customers. We have an SSL security certificate to encrypt all customer data (personal data, debit/credit, order history, etc ...).

Our servers are fully optimized for online commerce transactions and have our sole and exclusive IP.

Important to know that we are registered in the file of the State Agency for Data Protection to comply with the Data Protection Act (Official Data Protection Act).

After all, it is you who decides where to buy.If you love risk to throw yourself on parachute  but buy safe in Liestores!