Adapter cable iPod/iPhone for BMW with USB/AUX connection (Ref. 61120440812/61120440796)


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Adapter cable iPod/iPhone for BMW with USB/AUX connection. Compatible with BMW iDrive Systems.

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Adapter cable iPod/iPhone for BMW with USB/AUX connection
(Ref. 61120440812/61120440796)

 The BMW iDrive system gives the driver full control of numerous vehicle functions allowing you to concentrate on the road. iDrive is the easiest quick and intuitive way to control all information, communication and navigation functions and entertainment (music, videos, etc ...). The goal is to separate the LCD viewing and driving. The system consists mainly of the control display and controller on the center console.

Display of BMW iDrive System

The control is based on a simple command type wheel very easy to use and can be operated with one hand without having to watch what you're doing. The four most frequently used functions (CD, radio, phone and browser) are assigned to those above the controller buttons. Another eight buttons below the CD/DVD can be programmed as desired, either with the favorite radio station, CD titles, phone numbers or destinations. In many models BMW's iDrive is equipped with voice control, a more comfortable option.

Controls of BMW iDrive System

Thus there is a special adapter cable that connects via the USB port and auxiliary jack, and then be inserted into an iPod/iPhone/iPad device through its Dock connector type. This adapter cable compatible with iDrive system transmits data from these iPod/iPad/iPhone device to display all the information on the multimedia screen BMW and thus simplifies the management and integrates 100% accurately synchronizing all data mobile.

iPod cable for BMW with USB/AUX connection

Adapter cable iPod/iPhone for BMW with USB/AUX connection

The Adapter cable iPod/iPhone for BMW (iDrive compatible) USB/AUX port is an accessory that should not be missed in his new BMW.Why you are waiting!, in LIESTORES can have the opportunity to purchase this product as simply, quickly and cheaply.

Enjoy the road while listening to your favorite music from your device without worrying about the battery time remaining, as the adapter cable iPhone/iPod for BMW, carries the ability to charge the batteries of the devices.

Cable iPod/iPhone for BMW with USB/AUX


Adapter cable iPod/iPhone for BMW.




High Fidelity Audio Quality.Play music through the computer multimedia audio BMW.
Easy installation (Plug & Play).The song information is displayed on the radio screen (album, title, artist, etc ...).
Management functions of the radio from the steering wheel controls or the iDrive multifunction device.Charge the battery of the iPhone/ iPod/iPad devices from the USB port.


Compatible with following BMW models with USB/AUX connection with/without iDrive System:




BMW Serie 1--
BMW Serie 3 Limousine03/2003-
BMW Serie 3 Touring09/2005-
BMW Serie 3 Coupé09/2006-
BMW Serie 3 Cabrio03/2007-
BMW Serie 5--
BMW Serie 6--
BMW Serie 711/2008-
BMW X1--
BMW X503/2007-
BMW X6--
BMW Z402/2009-


- COMPATIBLE: with all iPod/iPhone/iPad Dock connected devices since 2004.

- COMPATIBLE: BMW 2007 vehicle models E82, E87, E88, E90, E91, E92, E93, E60, E61, E70, E71 LCI and new LCI versions.

- NOT COMPATIBLE: with "Shuffles" devices.

- COMPATIBLE: with BMW iDrive system.

- It is valid for all BMW models that have USB/AUX connection (with or without iDrive).

- Replaces the original BMW accessory Ref.61120440812/61120440796.


 - Cable adapter iPod/iPhone for BMW with 36 cm of lenght.