Cable iPod/iPhone for Hyundai/Kia models 2009-2011 with connection USB+AUX


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Adapter/Cable iPod/iPhone 30 pin Dock, for Hyundai and Kia vehicles 2009-2011 models with USB+AUX 3.5mm Jack connection on the dashboard or on the center console.

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Cable iPod/iPhone for Hyundai/Kia models 2009-2011 with connection USB+AUX

The Adapter/Cable iPod/iPhone with USB+AUX connection It supports and is designed for Hyundai and Kia vehicles with original audio with USB+AUX connection on the dashboard or center console.

Cable iPod/iPhone for Hyundai/Kia

With this cable you can connect any  iPod and iPhone device with Dock 30 pin connection to pair with vehicle audio equipment and to listen  the music of these devices. It integrates 100% with the audio system of the vehicle, showing all the information of the songs in the vehicle multimedia screen. It is handled from the steering wheel controls and radio buttons.

Charges iPod/iPhone battery.

Radio Hyundai/Kia Multimedia screen


Compatible with the following models of iPod/iPhone:

- iPod touch 1st generation
- iPod touch 2nd generation
- iPod touch 3rd generation
- iPod touch 4th generation
- iPod nano 1st generation
- iPod nano 2nd generation
- iPod nano 3rd generation
- iPod nano 4th generation
- iPod nano 5th generation
- iPod nano 6th generation
- iPod Nano 7th generation (Requires original Lightning 30 pin adapter)
- iPod Touch 5th generation (Requires original Lightning 30 pin adapter)
- iPod Mini 1st generation
- iPod Mini 2nd generation
- iPod Video
- iPod Photo
- iPod Classic 4th generation
- iPod Classic 5th generation
- iPod Classic 6th generation
- iPhone 2G
- iPhone 3G
- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 4G
- iPhone 4GS
- iPhone 5 (Requires original Lightning 30 pin adapter)


- On some devices requires the ORIGINAL Lightning 30 pin adapter to use with the Interface Yatour:

Lightning 30 pin adapter

Lightning 30 pin adapter


HI-FI sound quality.Integrated into the audio system controls (handles your device from the buttons on the radio and steering wheel controls).
Easy installation (Plug&Play).The song information is shown on the audio system display.
Charges iPod/iPhone batteries. Full integration into the vehicle's audio system.
The main menu of the iPod/iPhone device is displayed on the screen.Compatible with iPhone 5 (It requires Lightning 30 pin adapter).


Valid for the following model of vehicles HYUNDAI/KIA with USB+AUX connection on dashboard or central console.

USB+AUX Hyundai/Kia connection




Hyundai Accent20092010
Hyundai Azera
(Non Navigation)
Hyundai Elantra20092011
Hyundai Genesis20092011
Hyundai Genesis Coupe20102011
Hyundai H120092011
Hyundai Santa Fe20092011
Hyundai Sonata20092011
Hyundai Tucson20092011
Hyundai Veracruz
(Non Navigation)
Hyundai I1020092011
Hyundai I2020092011
Hyundai I3020092011
Hyundai I4020092011
Hyundai I80020092011
Kia Sorento20092009
Kia Sorento20112011
Kia Soul20102011
Kia Sportage20092011
Kia Sedona20092011
Kia Rio520092011
Kia Optima20092010


- A message will be displayed on the iPhone whenever it is plugged in to this cable. This is a normal iPhone function, and neither the iPhone nor the car stereo will be damaged by this connection. Please press "Dismiss" and continue.


1st. With radio turned off, plug the cable to USB+AUX vehicle connection.
2nd. Turn on the radio la radio and switch to AUX mode.
3rd. Plug the iPod/iPhone device into the cable.

*** Do not plug your IPOD to the cable, before you plug the cable to USB+AUX vehicle connection.


- Cable iPod/iPhone with 40 cm of length and USB+AUX connection.

For any queries we have available the customer service department and online support available times.